The Interdisciplinary Biophysics Graduate Program at Ohio State University trains students in quantitative approaches to cutting edge biomedical problems. The program crosses 6 colleges and comprises 83 faculty in 33 departments. The program enrolls students with undergraduate degrees in the physical sciences, life sciences, engineering and mathematics, and provides individualized course work based on each student's background and field of interest. Each student is trained in one or several world-class laboratories covering the broad range of techniques from femtosecond spectroscopy to whole body imaging, from X-ray or NMR structure determination to muscle physiology, or from computational biology to patch clamping. This rigorous training lays the foundation for a successful career, no matter if as a faculty member at an academic institution, CEO of a biotech startup company, or as a patent attorney.


Max Westphal was selected competitively as one of the 2018 Pelotonia Graduate Fellows for his research on improved approaches for cancer X ray treatments. The Pelotonia Fellowship will cover his stipend and tuition for two years.
Jack Wellmerling is awarded a Cure CF Columbus training grantr
Jack Wellmerling was awarded a $5000 first ...
Meng Zhang publishes in Science
One of our recent graduates, Meng Zhang, and her advisor Dongping Zhong just ...
Insiya Fidai wins Graduate Associate Teaching Award
Biophysics student Insiya Fidai is one of the winners of the 2016 ...

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