Ali Hassanali

PhD : 2010
Post-Doctoral Researcher
ETHZ & University of Lugano, Switzerland


My Story:

My primary interest lies in the mathematical modeling of biological systems. More specifically, I am particularly interested in the extension and development of theory related to molecular dynamics simulations of proteins and their interactions with other systems.

I am currently working on 2 projects with my 2 advisors:

1) Molecular dynamics simulations of proteins studied in the femotosecond Zhong lab. If you want more details, email me/call.

2) My other project comes from a synergy entailing engineers, scientists and medical doctors. I am working on setting up molecular dynamics simulations of bio-molecules in Nanochannels. If you would like to see pretty pictures of any of my simulations, email me

My other research interest is philosophy, in particular existentialism. I am an ardent reader of Heidegger, Sartre and my favorite Nietzsche. If you are interested in talking about these issues, call me.

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