Medical Scientist Training Program

The Ohio State University Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) is a dual degree MD/PhD program administered through the OSU College of Medicine.  Its mission is to train future leaders in medicine and research.  The Interdisciplinary Biophysics Graduate Program partners with the MSTP for the PhD portion of the curriculum, offering research training for students who share a passion for quantitative biology and an interest in human disease mechanisms.  MSTP students complete the same core and elective requirements as biophysics PhD students (described in the program handbook), except that certain medical school courses may count as core biophysics credit.  The table below summarizes the typical curriculum for MSTP/Biophysics students.


Year in program


Summer Year 1

Lab rotations


Med 1

MSTP Roundtable

Summer Year 2

Lab rotations

LSI Host defense


Med  2 (through Dec 1)

Grad Year 1

MSTP Roundtable


Grad Year 2


Thesis Research

(In Dec/Jan, formulate plan for med re-entry in May)




Med 3


Med 4


Applying to the MSTP


Application to the MSTP is initiated through the American Medical College Applications Service (AMCAS) by designating "The Ohio State University" on the electronic AMCAS application and selecting "Combined Medical Degree/Ph.D." Later you will receive an e-mail from the OSU College of Medicine directing you to the web-based secondary application which also serves as your application to the MSTP and to graduate school.  Admission requirements, application deadlines, and evaluation criteria can be found on The Ohio State University MSTP website.




For additional information regarding the MSTP, please contact Ashley Bertran, MLHR, Program Director, MSTP, at


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