Venkat Gopalan

Mentor Faculty
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry


Research Description:

1. RNAProtein Structure-Function Relationships

We primarily use RNase P, a catalytic ribonucleprotein (RNP), as an experimental model to understand how proteins modulate RNA structure, thereby broadening the functional repertoire of RNP enzymes. We are especially interested in mechanistic insights that can be used to understand RNAprotein cooperation and how dysfunction in this regard can lead to disease.

2. Metabolic Pathways in Salmonella enterica

We are investigating the individual roles of an asparaginase, a kinase, a deglycase, and a putative transcriptional regulator in the utilization of fructose-asparagine (F-Asn), an Amadori product, by Salmonella. In particular, we are exploring whether this distinctive metabolic capability may be exploited to design narrow-spectrum anti-Salmonella therapeutics.

  • Ph.D., University of New Mexico, 1991

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