Cynthia Carnes

Mentor Faculty
College of Pharmacy
Department of Physiology and Cell Biology


Research Description:

Mechanisms of Cardiac Remodeling: Role in Cardiac Arrhythmias

My laboratory is investigating the mechanisms of cardiac remodeling which underlie the development and perpetuation of cardiac arrhythmias. Current areas of investigation include atrial fibrillation and heart failure. The general goals in these projects are to define the mechanisms of cardiovascular disease evolution which promote arrhythmogenesis. In addition, changes in the myocardium which result from arrhythmias (and promote a substrate for chronic perpetuation of these arrhythmias) are under investigation. The goals of these investigations are to identify therapeutic targets to 1)diminish the incidence of arrhythmias in high-risk patient populations and to 2) minimize the progression from paroxysmal to sustained arrhythmias.

Dr. Carnes is currently not recruiting, but this may change depending on circumstances.

  • Ph.D., Pharmacy and Veterinary Clinical Sciences, The Ohio State University, 1996

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