B. Rita Alevriadou

Mentor Faculty
Associate Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Department of Internal Medicine


Research Description:

Research Interests:

The goal of our laboratory is to delineate the role of oxidative stress and mechanical forces in vascular endothelial cell intracellular signaling, gene expression and protein synthesis. Previous work of ours showed that cultured endothelial cell exposure to fluid shear stress reproduces certain aspects of the reperfusion-induced endothelial injury, namely the nitric oxide/peroxynitrite-mediated inhibition of respiration and mitochondrial production of reactive oxygen species. Current work concentrates on intracellular and mitochondrial calcium, mitochondrial dynamics and autophagic processes during exposure to shear stress, hypoxia/reoxygenation or simulated ischemia/reperfusion, in order to better understand how vascular cells respond to changes in their mechanochemical environment and propose better treatments for cardiovascular disease.

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  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Rice University, 1992

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