Benjamin Stanton

Mentor Faculty
Assistant Professor
Department of Pediatrics


Research Description:

We're a highly collaborative group, focusing on pediatric cancer epigenetics and genomics. We are motivated to understand chromatin regulation in low mutational burden tumors. Our lab's main interests relate to (1) understanding chromatin activation in childhood cancer, (2) understanding how epigenetic repression influences genome organization in human disease, and (3) interdisciplinary approaches for new methods in systems epigenetics. Ben deeply cares about mentoring the next generation of scientists. While pediatric cancers often have low mutational burden, alterations can drive changes in the epigenetic landscape. Our group has a special interest in understanding the central determinants for 3D genome organization in cancer, defining how chromatin interactions change in human disease, and for investigating how the epigenome interacts with chemotherapeutics.

  • Harvard University, Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology, 2009 Postdoctoral, Stanford University School of Medicine, Department of Pathology, 2015

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