John A Buford

Mentor Faculty
Associate Professor
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


Research Description:

My research focuses on neurophysiology for control of movement by the brain. In particular, I study the cooperative actions between the corticospinal and reticulospinal systems for control of reaching. My lab works to understand how these two systems work together for control of reaching, including tasks requiring coordinated use of both arms. We employ a variety of techniques including recording of the activity of neurons in the brain, recording the activity of muscles in the limbs, recording behavior like reaching, and recording responses to electrical microstimulation in the brain. These complex neurophysiological signals require sophisticated analytical approaches for optimal interpretation. Biophysics students in my lab could expect to interact in an interdisciplinary team with physical therapists, biomedical engineers, and neuroscience students to approach the problem from a variety of perspectives.

  • Kinesiology, Neural Control of Movement / biomechanics, UCLA, 1991

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