Peixuan Guo

Mentor Faculty
Professor and Chair
College of Pharmacy
Department of Physiology and Cell Biology


Research Description:

My lab is really interdisciplinary with diverse technologies and variable projects involving the areas of biophysics, biotechnology, molecular biology, virology, biochemistry, chemistry, computation, biomedical engineering, single molecular optics, single molecular conductance, single pore sensing, RNA nanotechnology, nucleic acid chemistry, cancer therapy, drug delivery, viral DNA packaging, and ATPase motors. The lab has been focused on the study of viral DNA packaging motor that is composed of a protein channel driven by six ATPase and geared by six RNA molecules. See:

Current research interests include:
1. Mechanism of motor action and directional control: Revolving without rotation (See: ). Nanobiotechnology, including structure, function and applications of phi29 DNA-packaging nanomotor.

2. Insertion of the motor channel into membrane for single molecule sensing and high-throughput dsDNA sequencing (NIH Nanomedicine Development Center,; Single molecule imaging and optical instrumentation to study the nanomotor and RNA nanoparticles; Single pore sensing for diagnostic and sequencing of RNA, DNA and proteins.

3. Lead to the emergence of a new field of RNA nanotechnology (NCI Alliance in Nanotechnology in Cancer RNA Nanotechnology for siRNA, anti-miRNA, miRNA and chemotherapeutic drug delivery for the treatment of cancer, viral infections and genetic diseases.

4. Lead to new approach for developing ultra-high inhibitory drug using the power-function of the stoichiometry

For more information, please see my lab website or email me:

  • University of Minnesota, PhD

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