Hannah Shafaat

Mentor Faculty
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry


Research Description:

Our research centers on the study of metalloenzymes that carry out valuable reactions relevant to alternative energy sources and clean energy storage. Using nature as inspiration, we seek to harness the advantages of bioinorganic platforms while overcoming the limitations of fragile multimeric protein systems. Our projects utilize a diverse array of scientific tools, from wet chemistry molecular biology, chemical synthesis, and metalloprotein designto spectroscopysteady state and time-resolved optical techniques along with visible and ultraviolet resonance Raman spectroscopyto quantum chemical calculations. Obtaining molecular-level insight into the mechanisms of catalysis will guide our design of increasingly efficient and robust catalysts for application.

Lab Twitter Page: @ShafaatLab

  • PHD, Physical Chemistry, University of California-San Diego, 2011

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