Paul Stoodley

Mentor Faculty
Department of Microbial Infection and Immunity


Research Description:

Dr. Stoodley's lab has shown that surgical site infection from bacterial biofilms is a major complication associated with all medical devices including orthopaedic implants, catheters, and sutures and meshes. Dr. Stoodley's lab has also shown that dental plaque biofilms are a leading cause of caries, gingivitis and periodontitis. Biofilms also grow on industrial surfaces such as ship hulls and pipelines, where they increase drag, cause corrosion and can contaminate product. If bacteria are allowed to contact with surfaces biofilms are extremely difficult to prevent and treat and remain a major healthcare and industrial challenge. The research goal of the Stoodley lab is to identify key processes involved in biofilm development and persistence on the lab bench and in clinical and industrial settings, with the applied aim of improved prevention, diagnostic and treatment strategies. The Stoodley lab takes a broad multidisciplinary approach drawn from clinical medicine, engineering and basic microbiology, to focus on 6 main thrust areas:

* Influence of genetic and environmental factors on biofilm development and dynamic behavior.
* Mechanical strength of biofilms and removal strategies.
* Diagnosis of biofilm infections in orthopaedic and general surgery.
* Control of dental biofilms.
* Biofilm monitoring in medicine, industry and natural environments.
* Development of antibiofilm materials and coatings.

  • University of Exeter, UK

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